Secret of Mana

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A fantastic game that happens in real-time, Secret of Mana is perhaps a work of genius of the highest level. When civilisation progresses using the power of Mana, it ultimately ends making a fortress called the Mana Fortress. However, this upsets the gods who then release beasts upon the civilisation. When this happens, a deadly havoc ensues with the peace of the civilisation completely destroyed. The war between the Fortress and the civilisation is about to consume almost all of the available Mana when a hero arrives with the Mana Sword to restore peace. Later, Randi finds himself in an adventure once he pulls out the Mana Sword from a stone. Now, only the magical tree can put things back to normal. You as Randi along with his companions have to find that tree and fight against all odds as you travel across the world to make things right.


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