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Released in February 16, 1995, Earthbound is quirky, humorous and seriously action-laden at the same time. For many of us, action games do not involve lighthearted jests but are characterised by constant thrills and battles against the one seemingly invincible enemy. Earthbound, with its main character Ness and other chosen ones, help us understand that even the most difficult of times, a little laughter with those whom you love is all that you need. The game revolves around Ness and his three other friends who are apparently the chosen ones for a battle against the Gigayas – a species who want to take over the world. Ness has to find the other three chosen ones and fight the Gigayas to the bitter end. As you embark on this beautiful journey as Ness or one of the three characters, you will find yourself fighting with aliens, a number of monsters and much more.


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